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Guitar games are back. 

And although Guitar Hero Live may be strutting around like a stadium filling rock-star we’re secretly rooting for Harmonix’s Rock Band 4 to provide this fall’s axe-grinding thrills.

There’s something of the indie-artist about Rock Band’s return. The slightly left-field playlist certainly helps, as does some of the more off-the-wall marketing efforts that are accompanying the game’s release.

Here, for instance, we have a new ’80s themed instruction ‘vidlet’ which features non-other than, erm,  “Kool” Terry Terman. The vidlet details some of the new features found in Rock Band 4, including Freestyle Guitar Solos, Freestyle Vocals, and more.

Is it good? Is it bad? We’ll let you be the judge of that, but our anticipation for the game remains undiminished.

Pre-order Rock Band 4 from Amazon now.

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