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Another month, another round of free Rocket League DLC. This month, it’s the Rocket League Aquadome update.

It’s nice to get something for free. The fact it’s a freebie sometimes means what you’re getting isn’t the biggest or the best, but you can’t argue with that lovely, lovely price tag.

Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, are particularly good at cramming lots of free stuff into their rather silly jet-powered car football game. The latest update – Rocket League Aquadome – goes live globally today, and includes an underwater theme (the titular Aquadome), plus model redesigns for launch vehicles Hotshot and Road Hog, water-themed customisation items, seven new achievements and trophies, and additional in-game refinements and adjustments.

The launch of Rocket League Aquadome also sees two new premium DLC cars, Proteus and Triton, available for purchase. They cost $1.99 US, or whatever that works out at in your locality. That’ll probably be £2 in post-referendum Britain (not that we’re bitter about it).

But the best bit is that the Rocket League Aquadome arena looks glorious, resplendent in brass and art-deco trappings. Most gamers will draw parallels with BioShock’s Rapture, but the Rocket League Aquadome is just too pretty for that wreck; perhaps Rapture in its pomp, pre-1959?

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