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RuneScape creators, Jagex Games Studio, reveal new miniature RPG experience, Runescape: Idle Adventures.

The spin-off from the long-running RPG will be developed by Hyper Hippo, creators of capitalism simulator, AdVenture Capitalist.

As the name suggests RuneScape: Idle Adventures is aimed at providing a ‘light-touch’ gaming experience across desktop, mobile and tablet that can be enjoyed for a few moments every day. An RPG for the rest of us, then.

The game is in development at Hyper Hippo’s 25-strong studio in British Columbia and will debut this spring on Steam. It marks the first time Jagex has worked with an external development partner to produce a new RuneScape-themed title.

RuneScape celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, no small achievement for a game in a genre that has seen some big titles come and go. Much of the Runescape’s success is down to Jagex’s excellent community relations and if they can ensure that Idle Adventures retains that expansive yet intimate feel, there is the potential for it be a big hit, and a way to herd new players into the larger game.

Runescape:: Idle Adventures

RuneScape: Idle Adventures features the usual RPG concoction of questing, monster fighting, fishing, and, erm, growing cabbage. It builds on the formula found in Hyper Hippo’s AdVenture Capitalist, where the game, in effect, can play itself. The new ‘idle’ genre is a growing market says Phil Mansell, VP of RuneScape, at Jagex Games Studio:

“The emerging idle genre is starting to make a real impact, with novel gameplay experiences propelling idle games into the Steam and mobile top charts. We think there are lots more innovative experiences to come, especially when blending narrative and RPG aspects with idle gameplay.”

RuneScape: Idle Adventures is coming to Steam this spring with mobile and tablet editions to follow.

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