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Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and Abertay University will welcome more than 200 participants to the Scottish Game Jam, part of the Global Game Jam. The event is running from Friday 24th – Sunday 26th January with 200 people registered and a further 50 on the waiting list. Worldwide the Global Game Jam encompasses 63 countries and will be attended by 17,000 people.

At the jam students, designers and industry professionals will work together to complete their projects within the 48 hour time limit. Last year 39 games were produced, including Lub vs Dub.

Brian McDonald, GCU’s Programme Leader and Lecturer in Games Software Development said “This is going to be the largest game jam Scotland has seen. With jammers across the world logging in excess of 700,000 hours and creating more than 3000 games last year, the popularity and growth of the Global Game Jam is incredible and we are delighted that our students are part of it.”

Dundee site coordinator and Lecturer at Abertay University, Ryan Locke, said: “Abertay University is proud to be part of Scottish Game Jam for the second year running. Game jams provide a unique learning opportunity and a chance to really test creative and technical flexibility. We are looking forward to seeing how our students and the Dundee development community come together to forge innovative ideas in such a short time.”

For more info check out http://scottishgamejam.org

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