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Telltale Games and Skybound have prepared something pretty cool for San Diego Comic-Con: The Walking Dead – A Live Performance.

On Saturday July 11th at 8pm PT / 11pm ET, cast members from The Walking Dead: Season One will reprise their roles live on stage at Petco Park in a series of scenes from the game.

The performance will included Melissa Hutchison staring as Clementine, Dave Fennoy as Lee, Gavin Hammon as Kenny and more cast members from the hit game. Adam Harrington will star as Andy St. John and Larry as Terry McGovern, who voiced Larry in-game, could not make it out to San Diego.

Skybound will be streaming a variety of games and events throughout the afternoon as well as conducting creator interviews. The event will also include a fan Q&A session with the cast members.

For those who aren’t out in San Diego (i.e. most of us) the entire event will be livestreamed at www.twitch.tv/skybound.

Buy tickets for The Walking Dead – Live

The Walking Dead Live

If you’re in San Diego, tickets are $30 for a day pass which includes entrance to Walker Stalker and Fan Fest from 11am-5pm inside Petco Park (100 Park Blvd). Doors to the live performance open at 7:30pm.

Tickets can be purchased at the East Village entrance to Petco Park, or online at: http://walkerstalkerfanfest.com/tickets

*Shouldn’t it be a dead, or at least an undead, performance?

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