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Destiny: The Taken King expansion – affectionately known as Destiny 2.0 – launched this week.

It brings with it a lot of changes – so many, in fact, that we’re not going to list them all here because that would be a monumental copy-and-paste time-waste – and you can read about them all in full on the Destiny blog.

One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the number of classes or archetypes in the game. There are still the same three paltry classes as there were when Destiny set out twelve months ago: the Hunter, Titan and Warlock; roughly analogous to the traditional RPG classes of rogue, warrior and mage.

And yes, there are sub-classes, before hardcore Destiny nerds start baying for my blood, but they’re not that different.

What the limited number of classes has done though, has helped us really identify with our archetype. Instead of picking from dozens or hundreds of classes, we have to mould a broad class into something we want it to be. In a sense, this has turned the classes into sub-brands within Destiny itself – which is kind of cool – and where there are brands, there will always be merch…

Hunter Destiny Hoodie‘Hunter’ Destiny Hoodie

The Hunter Destiny Hoodie, in navy blue and dark green, features a Hunter logo embroidered on the chest and a Destiny logo embroidered on the right sleeve. All of the Destiny Hoodies are officially licensed by Bungie and feature long sleeves, a colour-coded hood and full-length zip-through fastening. In green, this one’s like a space-age Legend of Zelda hoodie.

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Titan Destiny Hoodie‘Titan’ Destiny Hoodie

The Titan Destiny Hoodie comes in red and grey, with a Titan logo embroidered on the chest and – like the Hunter Destiny Hoodie – a Destiny logo embroidered on the right sleeve. It actually reminds us of Mass Effect a little bit and wouldn’t look totally out of place with an N7 logo on there.

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Warlock Destiny Hoodie‘Warlock’ Destiny Hoodie

The Warlock Destiny Hoodie is a little different. It still features the Destiny logo embroidered on the right sleeve, but instead has a large Warlock logo embroidered on the back, right across the shoulder blades. It’s also black with safety-orange flashes, and puts us in mind of a Half-Life HEV suit.

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