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Holy free games, Batman!

After months ramping up their free game offerings, the Epic Games Store pulled out the heavy hitters today. The Steam competitor is currently giving away not one, not two, but SIX Batman games for free.

Epic revealed the collection last week, but remained mum on its contents. The thumbnail showed Batman, but the title was listed as “???” Now we know. The collection includes Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Knight, Lego Batman: The Videogame, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

That’s two trilogies, valued at $120, for free. I’m still a bit in shock.

At launch, every game in this collection received good-to-great reviews. Arkham Asylum’s 2009 release marked a watershed moment for licensed video games, which had, until then, often been critically panned. Arkham Asylum wasn’t just a great licensed game; it was a great video game, period.

Later entries maintained Asylum’s stylish combat, but expanded the scope beyond the confines of the Asylum’s grounds. Arkham City and Arkham Knight tasked the World’s Greatest Detective with fighting crime in expansive open world cityscapes. Their design ethos remains influential, with last year’s Marvel’s Spider-Man adopting a similar approach to combat.

The Lego Batman games weren’t nearly as influential as Rocksteady’s trilogy. But, they’re solid games, nonetheless.

While this collection will almost certainly keep you busy for months, another pair of critically acclaimed games are coming down the pipe next week. Epic revealed today that David OReilly’s Everything and 4A Games’ Metro 2033 Redux will be available for free next Thursday.

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