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It’s only a week until the release of the Skyrim Special Edition. Make sure to watch this shiny gameplay trailer.

One week to go, everybody. One week until we get back on that cart, transporting prisoners. One week until the dragon attacks. One week until we learn of the Dragonborn and eat a dragon’s soul for the first time. And ultimately, one week until we forget all that dragon prophecy jibber jabber, then wander off into the woods to do whatever the hell we want, because it’s The Elder Scrolls dammit!

The Skyrim Special Edition is shaping up rather nicely. There’s not a great deal that needed changing with it, to be honest, but a bit of graphical spit and polish never goes amiss. And judging by the latest Skyrim Special Edition gameplay trailer, it’s quite some spit and polish.

Those visual effects, improved particles, uprated textures, and most importantly, those beautiful ‘god ray’ shafts of light, all look fantastic. It’s even easier to see the difference in the Skyrim Special Edition gameplay trailer because – as is de rigueur at the moment – Bethesda have included some A/B comparisons between the original PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, and their shiny new PS4/Xbox One counterparts. Which is very kind of them.


It’s time to put on your horny helmet, shout angrily at dragons, and leave Hadvar waiting patiently at Riverwood to progress the story while you go off plundering some dungeons.

Has the Skyrim Special Edition gameplay trailer got you excited? Pre-order it now from Amazon.

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