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Sumo Digital’s slithery platformer, Snake Pass, gets a summer discount, and the promise of DLC.

Snake Pass hasn’t been on digital store shelves for long, but it’s already getting a pretty significant price cut in a series of limited-time sales on PC and Nintendo Switch.

For the next seven days there’s a whopping 40% discount on the Switch version of the game, which is available via the Nintendo eShop. The PC edition receives an even greater discount – a whopping 50% – on Steam. If you miss out on that, the game will also be featured in a Humble sail running from July 5th – 19th, and will again be reduced by 50% .

In our review we said that Snake Pass was “a thoroughly enjoyable riff on the retro 3D platformer, brought to life in charming style and with a genuinely innovative approach to traversal and problem solving.” It’s well worth £7.99 of anyone’s money, basically.

Sumo Digital have said that discounts for other platforms will follow over the summer. The sale’s promotional trailer also teases the game’s first DLC expansion which is due for release in July.

Snake Pass is available now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro.

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