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Sneaky Fall Guys patch reduces impact of team games

You might still get stuck on the dreaded yellow team in Fall Guys, but at least it won’t be quite as frequent.



sneaky Fall Guys patch team games

You might still get stuck on the dreaded yellow team in Fall Guys, but at least it won’t be quite as frequent.

When Fall Guys isn’t auctioning off a costume for charity – at the time of writing, the current high bid is a bidet company called Tushy with a shirt that says “Ask me about my butthole.” – they’re making fairly frequent updates to the game.

We’ve already seen a new game mode and a handful of new costumes, but as is the case with all hot multiplayer games, freshness is the key to longevity. There’s lots more on the roadmap, including more games and more costumes (hopefully not that costume) but that doesn’t mean there isn’t also room for small, incremental, quality-of-life updates.


Today’s sneaky Fall Guys patch is one such update.

The details of the sneaky Fall Guys patch (August 20, 2020) include:

  • Valve costumes (Team Fortress 2, Half-Life and Portal) are now available on PS4 as well as Steam
  • Player count reduced to 15 on Fall Mountain
  • Match length reduced to 1 minute 30 seconds on Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble
  • Team games will no longer occur back-to-back

That will work to reduce some of the pain of team games in Fall Guys. It won’t make ending up on the doomed yellow team any more bearable, but at least it won’t happen for two games in a row.

Or if you partake in some more of Oliver’s Twitter shenanigans, Mediatonic might just delete the yellow team altogether:

We can dream.

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