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New screens and footage from Sonic Mania shows off Knuckles the Echidna, and Flying Battery Zone Act 1.

Of this year’s two Sonic games, it’s Sonic Mania that has us most excited. While Sonic Forces furrows an apocalyptic path based on the Sonic Generations model, Mania sees a number of notable Sonic fans remix and expand upon the original Genesis classics.

Sonic Mania is being developed by Sega of America, along with programmers Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley, and PagodaWest’s Jared Kasl, Tom Fry, and Tee Lopes. The game features many of the original’s classic zones – such as the iconic Green Hill – and introduces in a number of new stages, including the spectacular Studiopolis Zone. Add in 60 FPS, and you have a passion project that looks to offer a fresh take on an old classic.

The game’s release is still a ways off, but Sega is keeping our anticipation high with some new screens, and video footage featuring Knuckles the Echidna gliding and climbing through Flying Battery Zone Act 1.

Sonic Mania will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this summer. Sega have also confirmed a Collector’s Edition for Europe that will contain host of goodies:

  • Deluxe Sega Mega Drive branded collector’s box
  • 12″ Sonic statue
  • Switch to trigger the “Say-gaaa” startup audio
  • Metallic collector’s card
  • Sonic Mania digital download code 
  • Sega cartridge cast and golden ring

Good luck tracking that one down.

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