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Sony needs your help to test the new PlayStation 4 firmware update.

With Sony readying the update for an autumn release it has launched an open beta program to test its functionality.

Participants will get a sneak peek at the features of the new system software, and can provide feedback with ways to improve it. It’s just like working at Sony, but for free.

You can sign up to be a firmware beta tester right here but there are a few requirements. You will need a PS4 system (naturally), an Internet connection (phew), and Sony would also like you to be a member of the PlayStation Forums in advance so you can access the beta forums (groan).

If you are nervous about bugs, worry not. Testers will be able to roll back to the previous PS4 system software update (v2.57) at any time.

The program will start in early September,and numbers are limited, so best sign up sooner rather than later.

Or maybe play a game instead.

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