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Star Wars: Uprising coming to iOS and Android

The Force is reasonable with this one.



Star Wars: Uprising

So, Star Wars is coming back this year. And we’re all excited, right?

We’ve all wondered what happened after the end of Return of the Jedi. We’ve all read the novels and comics, canon or not, pondering the fate of our heroes. And we’ve all wanted the story to be continued in a mobile RPG.

Haven’t we?


Enter Star Wars: Uprising from San Francisco’s Kabam RPG Studio. The game picks after the Original Trilogy and, to be fair, looks pretty epic. Uprising will allow players to create their own character, go on missions, build skills and join in large-scale battles that dictate the future of the game universe.

Star Wars: Uprising is a deep role playing game (RPG) experience that will immerse players in the Star Wars universe during a unique time following the fall of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine,” said Aaron Loeb, Senior Vice President at Kabam.

“The Kabam RPG Studio has taken its collective experience and passion for role playing games to focus on creating a unique and immersive gameplay experience for Star Wars fans and RPG gamers around the world.”

Players will also be able to engage in real-time co-op with friends and collect iconic Star Wars gear to create their own hero from a variety of classes including Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Rebel Guerilla, Diplomat and Gambler.

The official Star Wars: Uprising website is now live at where you can pre-register and win prizes by voting for in-game content.

Star Wars: Uprising will begin a beta roll out in select territories soon.

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