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Seven months after release Street Fighter V gets its Versus CPU mode.

Capcom has today released a sizeable update to the troubled – but deep down still rather fantastic – Street Fighter V. The headline act is the addition of Urien, the sixth post-launch fighter added to the roster.

Urien was first introduced back in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. He comes to Street Fighter V with his high-damage combo, Dominating Light, and the ability to pressure opponents and control the pace of a match using projectiles. The pin-stripe suited fighter is available to download for 100,000 Fight Money or for $5.99 / €5.99 / £4.99 in old-fashioned cash.

The update also introduces a new range of Daily Targets aimed at helping players earn extra Fight Money. Each one is time limited and offers rewards between 100 and 5000 FM.

And, at last, Versus CPU mode is now added to complement the standard Versus mode. And what does this revolutionary new feature bring to the table? Well, now you can play offline against CPU opponents of varying difficulties. It seems so simple when it’s described like that, doesn’t it?

Other features included in this update include new environmental stage KOs – which are added to all launch all stages – plus live stat tracking and colors 3-10 on default, and battle costumes.

All in all it’s a pretty big expansion and continues Capcom’s work in hauling Street Fighter V back into something resembling a full-featured video game.

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