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With the games industry slipping into a summer slumber we are seeing a new trend for timed events aimed at keeping players glued to their screens until fall.

This weekend not only sees the first Splatoon Splatfest event but also the start of Techland’s Summer with Dying Light campaign.

There are six weekend-long events planned during July and August for zombie game Dying Light. Each is a one-time only event that puts a unique spin on the core zombie abuse gameplay.

It all begins tomorrow with Spider Crane weekend, which features unlimited grappling hook shots and almost zero fall damage. In marketing parlance this means that players will be able traverse the city of Harran – altogether now – ‘like never before!’

Spider Crane weekend kicks off on Saturday July 4th at midnight PST and ends on Sunday, July 5th at midnight PST. There’s no word on future Summer with Dying Light events will entail just yet, although next week’s is called Harran Marathon, so perhaps expect to do some running.

And being summer and all, we’d like to see one weekend dedicated a relaxing zombie picnic. It would make for a welcome change of pace.

Summer with Dying Light Schedule

  • July 4-5 – Spider-Crane
  • July 11-12 – Harran Marathon
  • July 15-16 – To be confirmed
  • August 15-16 – To be confirmed
  • August 22-23 – To be confirmed
  • August 29-30 – To be confirmed

To get you in the mood for the Summer with Dying Light campaign Techland have also released a video compilation of bugs from the game. Hilarity ensues…

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