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Failbetter Games have today released Eleutheria, a third region for gothic horror role-playing game, Sunless Skies.

Along with the new content drop comes news that Sunless Skies‘ planned September release has been pushed back, with the game now set to remain in Early Access until January 2019.

Adam Myers, deputy CEO of Failbetter Games, says that the move to 2019 will give the game a better chance of finding a mainstream audience:

“Initially full release was planned for September. These changes don’t represent four months of extra work, but by leapfrogging the Christmas period and releasing in January we hope to give the game its best chance.”

Feedback from players and streamers will continue to shape development of the game, the studio says.

Sunless Skies is Failbetter’s third title following on from Fallen London, and the widely-acclaimed Sunless Sea. Billed as a Victorian Gothic RPG, the game taps into a familiar vein of unease and disquiet, with the Eleutheria region looking to be the darkest yet.

Speaking of the expansion, CEO and art director, Paul Arendt, says:

“Eleutheria is designed to give you goosebumps. It’s dark. The enemies are about as scary as we can make them, and we put a submarine-sized spider that feeds on terror in the last game. The stories are among our weirdest and most haunting. We can’t wait to get into some streams after it’s launched and watch people lose themselves in the dark.”

Sunless Skies was successfully Kickstarted in 2017, raising an impressive £377,952. It is available now in Early Access on both Steam and GOG for PC, Mac and Linux.

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