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The latest update to Super Mario Maker, the Mario Maker keys update, contains lots of keys. Shocking!

Super Mario Maker 1.40 – otherwise known as the Mario Maker keys update – adds a raft of new features to Nintendo’s amateur level design ’em up. Assuming that your raft is mostly made of keys. And you’re sailing on a river of keys. To find some keys.

The video above explains the new features, but here’s the salient details from the Mario Maker keys update:

  1. Turn Thwomps into skewers, which are like long thin Thwomps that you can’t jump over.
  2. Turn ‘P’ switches into keys, that can be used to unlock doors. Oh, and you can place locked doors too, obviously.
  3. Turn coins into pink coins, which turn into – you guessed it – keys when you collect enough of them.
  4. Unlocks ‘Super Expert’ difficulty, when you complete the 100 Mario challenge on ‘Expert’ difficulty.
  5. Allows you to view both failure points and user comments on your courses.
  6. An update to the Super Mario Maker Bookmark site, that allows you to sort players by records.

Did somebody say “keys”?

In all seriousness, it’s pleasing to see Nintendo’s commitment to updates for Super Mario Maker, and the latest bits and bobs in the Mario Maker keys update is no exception. The failure points and user comments mechanic could be particularly useful, mostly so that players can tell you your level doesn’t have enough keys.

Keys? Keys!

Super Mario Maker keys update


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