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Here’s another look at what Super Nintendo World will look like.

There’s still two years to go until the first Nintendo Theme Park opens at Universal Studios in Osaka. But, the diggers are in, and work on the park appears to be in full flow. (Is that World 1-2 they’re making down there?)

A newly released CGI teaser trailer shows the same design and park layout as seen in previously released concept art, and lovely it looks too.

The folks at GameXplain have already published a frame-by-frame trailer analysis, pointing out some of the park’s cute little flourishes that will be sure to get Nintendo fans excited, us included.

Super Nintendo World isn’t expected to open until 2020, so if you want to capture a little bit of Mario magic in the meantime, you might want to try out one of Tokyo’s Mario Kart cosplay tours – while you still can.

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