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Nintendo’s E3 presentation may only be a week away but Sakurai has some news that just can’t wait.

Mashiro Sakurai will host a video presentation relating to new content for Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U this weekend.

The update will be focused on the addition of Lucas from Mother 3 as a playable character, the new Wii U Miiverse stage and the Mii Fighter costumes inspired by Splatoon.

It’s so exciting they can’t even wait for an o’clock, with the presentation beginning at a curiously timed 15:40 BST on Sunday 14th June.

Super Smash Bros. Lucas

Whilst we are excited to see Lucas arrive in Super Smash Bros, and his eventual Amiibo figurine, what we really want is the release of Mother 3 on Virtual Console.

You can watch the presentation – which is not being billed as a Nintendo Direct – on Twitch or Nintendo of Europe’s E3 2015 website.


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