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Most useful will be an improved content manager that allows you to check and manage memory card usage. Other features of note include an update to the home screen, which will now be able to display over 100 applications and a rather nifty new calendar feature that enables you to schedule gameplay events with your friends.

The full list of updates are:

Home screen

  • Display over 100 applications on Home screen.


  • Exchange voice messages, including cross-system messaging with the PlayStation 4.

Parental controls

  • PS Store access can now be restricted.
  • Information guide for TrendMicro web security.


  • Create gameplay events with your friends and sync your calendar with Google Calendar.
  • Invite your friends to share events by using Messages and Email.

Content Manager

  • Check and manage Memory Card usage with Manage Content on Memory Card.


  • Search for content saved on a connected device such as a PC.


  • Sort content by size.


  • Rotate Screen Automatically has been added to Photos to control tilt sensor for rotation of images.
  • Freeform has been added to the Panoramic mode selection list.


  • Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically has been added.
  • 30 minutes has been added in Enter Standby Mode Automatically.
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