Like the videogames it resembles, Westworld is a form of immersive escapism for its players. How important is historically accurate music to this feeling of...

If you're not familiar with the lore of the series, then you might not want to watch the BioShock: The Collection launch trailer.

BioShock: The Collection has been a terribly kept secret, even by the ignominiously impressive standards of videogames. Now it's finally official.

The long-rumoured BioShock bundle seems to be growing ever-more tangible. Check out that stunning BioShock: The Collection box art, though!

"Now would you kindly pick up that short-wave radio?"

After the curtain falls

The credits are rolling and you're already choosing what to play next, but do you ever wonder if you're missing something important?

Not too long ago, I discovered the absolute joy of Papers, Please when a friend sent it to me from a Humble Bundle.

2013 saw the reboot of the iconic Tomb Raider franchise, one which delved into the origins of Lara Croft.

Why is the term which has been used to define the entire medium since its creation becoming a problem?

The news that Irrational Games is winding down has come as a surprise to many observers.