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Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has said that generally the company would rather not be “derivative” and follow games like PUBG and Fortnite.

Speaking on an earnings call, Zelnick said:

“I would just observe that someone else’s success is really interesting and we are obviously informed by what our competitors do. But our goal is to be as innovative as possible. And titles, even really good titles that are derivative, never seem to do as well as innovations that are unexpected.”

Take-Two comprises 2K Games and Rockstar games, and Zelnick was keen to point to the company’s home runs, emphasising the unlikelihood of Red Dead Redemption’s success in 2010:

“When we came out with the first Red Dead Redemption, the conventional wisdom was that Westerns don’t work. It had been an awfully long time since a Western-themed video game had come out. Rockstar took a massive creative risk and the result was extraordinary.”

Interestingly, Zelnick didn’t rule out the idea of such a game coming along in the future, saying, “Of course we play in the world and we’re informed by what’s going on. It is our job to bring consumers what they want.”

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