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Sony kicks off its E3 2018 game announcements with the reveal of Tetris Effect on the PlayStation 4.

First things first. Did you know it was World Tetris Day? Neither did we. Today is apparently the 34th anniversary of ‘the iconic Tetris brand’, whatever that means exactly.

Anyway, with that date committed to memory, let’s move on. Sony today kicked-off their Countdown to E3 2018 with the reveal of Tetris Effect, a new version of the classic puzzle game overseen by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Rez and Lumines.

Tetris Effect will come to PlayStation 4, and will also support PS VR, and 4K display on PS4 Pro. It will also be playable on the show floor at E3.

Tetris Effect

According to the press blurb, Tetris Effect is named after the “real-world phenomenon where players’ brains are so engrossed that images of the iconic falling Tetrimino blocks linger in their vision, thoughts, and even dreams”.

The game takes this conceit, lets loose with the exploding neon, and sets the whole thing to some lovely dance music. The Tetriminos even join in by pulsating in time to the music. It’s a Mizuguchi game alright.

Each of Tetris Effect’s 30 levels features a different theme, with the kaleidoscopic backgrounds evolving as you play. And of course, a new Tetris game isn’t a new Tetris game at all if it doesn’t add a new gameplay gimmick. This time, it’s ‘the zone’, a mechanic whereby players can stop time, get in the zone, and fiddle around in safety.

Anyway, I’ll stop being so grouchy about this, as I think it looks rather lovely. The game is due for release in Fall 2018.

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