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The next chapter of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire is available now.

Titled The GEMINI Deception, the update is available to download right now, and is free to all existing Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers.

The story – now stay with us here – sees the Outlander prepare for the ultimate showdown against the Eternal Empire. Alongside the mysterious and deadly droid, Scorpio, the Outlander’s team must infiltrate a Zakuulan warship and face a force of elite soldiers led by Arcann.

Who’s naming these things? Anyway, it sounds tricky, so good luck.

Also included are two new gameplay updates:

  • GEMINI Cartel Pack: The new ‘GEMINI’ Cartel Pack offers players a new GEMINI Pulse Weapon effect plus rare vehicles and armor sets.
  • Dark vs. Light Event: Earn rewards in this new summer event by picking your side at www.swtor.com/dark-vs-light.

Subscribers of Star Wars: The Old Republic can play Knights of the Fallen Empire from Chapter 1 through the current chapter, The GEMINI Deception, for free. As part of the Subscriber Rewards Program, those subscribed by 1st July will also receive an in-game HK-55 Victory Stronghold Decoration. It’s what we’ve always wanted.

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