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Bright light, bright light! The Surge now supports HDR on PlayStation 4.

Deck 13’s tough as nails action-RPG, The Surge, has received a new update that introduces support for HDR on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. It adds a number of gameplay tweaks and bugs fixes.

PS4 Pro owners can already play The Surge in Dynamic 4K at 30fps, or in 1080p at 60fps. The addition of the HDR gives the game a wider colour range, and enhanced graphical details at contrasted levels of brightness. Assuming HDR is activated in your console’s base settings, you can toggle it on and off within The Surge’s video settings menu. You’ll also need a HDR enabled television, of course.

The update also fixes a number of bugs to reduce random crashes, and remove various exploits. Also included are gameplay tweaks that publisher Deck 13 say will improve the overall gameplay experience.

The Surge – Update 53172

  • The values for health related implants have been adjusted to fall more in line with the desired/projected player health progression (more health)
  • The damage of the beam ranged attack of the Nano mass enemy has been reduced
  • The windup of the beam attack has been increased
  • Reduced the volume of the ‘secret finding implant’ – even more so when using a controller and rumble is enabled
  • Deactivate the ‘secret finding implant’ in the medbay
  • Implants granting a weapon proficiency level bonus now also grant a proficiency reward bonus so it becomes more viable to level up more than one weapon type
  • Added an option to bind jumping/ducking from blocking to the left stick (when using a controller)
  • Tweaked hit boxes of the staff wielding security guards’ attacks
  • Tweaked hit boxes of some enemies wielding forklift weapons
  • Tweaked hit boxes of some enemies wielding two-handed weapons
  • Tweaked the timings for the perfect block window for the player
  • Improved behavior of the Security Guard
  • The music in Ops will no longer play after the player has died and respawned
  • Improved behavior of the Black Cerberus when his attacks are blocked
  • Elevator positions have been adjusted to avoid waiting for an elevator after dying
  • Proximity Sensor no longer emits a beeping sound when an enemy is locked
  • Character is now invulnerable for a short time after a finishing move is finished
  • Increased the duration of the stamina buff triggered when collecting enough Tech Scrap to be worth a level up
  • Reduced the stamina cost for continually blocking
  • Increased the time for the continual block stamina cost to begin

The Surge is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One and PC.

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