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Do you like the X-Files? Do you like Monkey Island? Do you wish it was still the early nineties, and not just because you wouldn’t have seen the terrible X-Files movies (and the questionable reboot) and there would still be great Monkey Island games to come?

Well Ron Gilbert and friends have a treat for you.

Thimbleweed Park is an off-kilter, charm-filled, old-school graphical adventure – otherwise known as a point and click game – set in the decidedly bizarre small backwater town of the same name, where two law enforcement agents (one male, with dark hair and the other female, with flame red hair; offered without comment) arrive to investigate a murder. Then it all kind of descends into madness from there, really.

Keep in mind that it’s from the same guys who brought you the spectacularly amusing Maniac Mansion and the peerless Monkey Island series, and let your imagination wander a bit further again, and you’d probably still not quite cover it all.

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/A8t7yiVRSTs” autoplay=”no”]

The latest trailer for Thimbleweed Park lets us get to know Delores, as well as a few more glimpses at the other oddities we’ve already had a few glimpses of.

Thimbleweed Park is due out in 2017, and gamers of a certain age – myself included – are understandably excited.

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