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Nintendo publishes a new edition of Iwata Asks covering upcoming squid shooter, Splatoon.

It’s nice that Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata is back asking questions on a regular basis. Nintendo is a notoriously secretive company but the Iwata Asks columns are often humorous and insightful in equal measure.

In this edition Iwata speaks to Nintendo’s Entertainment Analysis & Development division (EAD) about Splatoon’s early design concepts, character evolution and Amiibo integration.

Among the nuggets of information revealed are that Splatoon began life as a fight between two blocks of tofu, and that rabbits, rather than squids, were the potential stars of the game.

Splatoon with Tofu

It’s a fascinating read that sheds more light on Nintendo’s ‘concept first’ development philosophy.

Check it out at: http://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/wiiu/splatoon/0/0

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