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The Total War: Warhammer Linux release date has been confirmed, and it’s really not very far away at all.

Feral Interactive, the specialist Linux and Mac publisher who make their livelihood out of porting games for those undervalued platforms, have today announced the Total War: Warhammer Linux release date.

The Warhammer-themed installation of the venerable Total War franchise – yes, the one that powered Time Commanders off the telly – has been a critical and commercial success. It’s shifted 50,000 copies short of an even million on Steam on the PC alone, so expanding the turn-based strategy to Linux, a popular genre among penguin-powered gamers, is a smart move.

That’s it, really. There’s not really much else to this news story; the main campaign and all of the DLC will be available for Linux gamers very soon. November 22, 2016, to be precise. That’s only seven turns away.

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