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Team 17’s [R]evolve has been named the winner of the Great British Game Jam.

Teams from co-organiser Bossa Studios, Future Games of London and Team 17 created prototype games in 48 hours based around the theme “Resilience”.

Luke Whiston also submitted an entry after seeing the announcement of the Great British Game Jam on Twitter.

Ukie CEO, Dr Jo Twist said “The standard of the games created was phenomenal. It’s so great to see such creativity and diversity being demonstrated by some of the UK’s best developers, especially within such tight time constraints. We congratulate Team 17 on their winning game and thank all the teams who entered for their fantastic work. We are honoured to have judged the games and we are looking forward to being part of the next jam.”

Winners Team 17’s Kevin Carthew, Creative Manager said “It was a great exercise and it really buoyed everyone taking part. The game came together right at the eleventh hour and I would have loved more time for testing and tweaking, but that’s game jamming for you! We got some great Unity development experience under our belts, and it showed us just how quickly you can go from absolutely nothing to an almost fully realised game. I’d love to do it again, and I know I can speak for everyone on the team on that front. Bring on the next one!”

Debbie Bestwick, Managing Director of Team 17 said “Winning The Great British Game Jam is a terrific achievement and I’m extremely proud of the Teamsters who created [R]evolve. To develop something in just two days is a difficult task but the team certainly rose to the challenge. GBGJ14 is a great showcase for the talent the UK has within its studios. Well done to everyone, we’ll see you at the next jam.”

Bossa studios submitted two games titled I HATE YOU and Space Radish. Bossa artist Andy Green said “It’s always exciting to have the opportunity to do what we all love doing, and that’s making games! The fact we get to keep things exciting by regularly embarking on smaller, more immediate projects with internal jams just keeps up the excitement. Taking part with 2 other great British game studios as well as other indies just upped the ante and allowed us to focus more keenly on creating something great in such a small amount of time.”

Fearless Finn was the entry for Future Games of London. The FGOL game jam team said “This was our first Game Jam and we are absolutely enthusiastic about it. It has proven a great way to know colleagues outside of the regular office setting and to push our bodies and minds out of our comfort zone. It’s also quite fun to work so closely and under immense pressure with such a talented and enthusiastic group of people: it is an incredible experience to get so very close to the edge of insanity and then cross over to find that the other side is actually quite a liberating place to be!”

Luke Whiston submitted Gobulus Rift after he saw the feed on twitter. Luke said “Game jams are a golden opportunity to streamline your approach to projects – what is achievable, what is disposable, are the objectives clear etc. Those days can provide valuable feedback about your methods in a friendly and supportive environment, as well as introducing you to new concepts or practices you may not have considered before.”

All games from the teams well be available to play at http://gamejam.bossastudios.com

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