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In the best Naughty Dog tradition – of buddy-movie sequences, wise-cracking subordinate protagonists, and so much time spent boosting/being boosted over ledges – the Uncharted 4 day one patch has a friend.

The first Uncharted 4 day one patch, version 1.01, runs to a hefty 5 GB in size, and basically serves to enable the game’s multiplayer support. There’s more to it than that including some cute visual additions – like the photo mode, and the journal and concept art viewers – but you could be left thinking if you’ve no interest in playing multiplayer, you don’t need the Uncharted 4 day one patch… except for that oh so vague mention of ‘general fixes and improvements’ that lingers over every patch, saying “Go on, we dare you not to install it – see what happens!”

The purpose of the second Uncharted 4 day one patch, version 1.02, is far smaller – a mere 140 MB – is less clear, but it’s a fair assumption that if Naughty Dog have rushed it out within 24 hours of the first one, it must be doing something important. We’ve contacted the developer to see what this patch is for, and if you need to have version 1.01 installed first (if you’re not fussed about multiplayer).

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