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Would you like to make your own Yarny doll from Unravel? The latest video from Coldwood Interactive shows you how.

In an astonishing move that has the potential to totally undercut any future merchandise sales, Unravel developer Martin of Coldwood Interactive – who you may recognise from the adorable video in which Yarny visits the beach in real life – shows you how to make your own Yarny doll.

At the risk of going a bit Blue Peter here, to make your own Yarny doll you will need:

  • Some red yarn or wool.
  • Some white yarn or wool.
  • Some metal wire.
  • A paper clip.
  • Some scissors – you may need an adult to help you.

Then simply follow the simple instructions in the above video to make your own Yarny doll.

Be warned that the quality of your own Yarny doll may vary depending on your crafting ability and patience, and also that you’ll have to “stab Yarny through the heart” in order to tie off the loose end of wool. Oh, and it’s very possible you’ll end up with cut fingers from the ends of wire… but you know, other than all of that, Yarny is adorable.

Unravel will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 9th February 2016.

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