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There are people out there who spend hundreds of pounds on gaming accessories, in hope that it will somehow make them better. Faster. Stronger. Some of the options out there have definite appeal – a good quality keyboard and mouse is always going to be better than a £5 Asda (Walmart) special, for example – but is that £55 mouse mat going to make that much difference? Is the Xbox One Elite controller that much better than the standard issue?

Probably not, in the grand scheme of things, so if you’re going to spend your money on an expensive gaming accessory, why not make it something that is beautiful, unmistakably cool, and has no pretensions of improving your ability?

Vans, skate-and-surf-style footwear manufacturer has your next purchase lined up: their impending range of Nintendo trainers.

The Vans Nintendo trainers are lovely, and there’s something for everyone, including this garish Mario number:

Vans Nintendo Super Mario Bros

An oddly stained glass-looking Legend of Zelda-inspired effort:

Vans Nintendo Legend of Zelda

The picture-in-pink Princess Peach design:

Vans Nintendo Princess Peach

The iconic NES controller, which would look sweet paired with this matching belt buckle:

Vans Nintendo NES controller

And our favourite Vans Nintendo design here at Thumbsticks Towers, the subtle and beautiful Super Mario Bros. ‘brick’ design, echoing the classic Vans swoosh in inimitable Nintendo style:

Vans Nintendo Mario brick

There are other designs including more Mario variants, some retro Donkey Kong and even Duck Hunt; the Vans Nintendo trainers should be available some time this Summer, and Vans have a sign-up page for more information.

Source, images: sneakernews.com (Yes, that’s really a thing – we didn’t make it up!)

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