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The new season of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series gets a brand new trailer.

The new trailer explores the typically grim situation that brings series newcomer Javier and his family together with Clementine. And if you don’t know who Clementine is, that’s fine. Players new to the series will be able to start a story that is tailored to this new beginning. If you have played previous seasons Telltale’s series,  A New Frontier includes multiple options for configuring the back story and importing past save files from various platforms. Telltale promise more details on this soon.

The new season begins on 20th December with the release of the first two episodes. Episode One: Ties That Bind Part I and Episode Two: Ties That Bind Part II will be released first on digital platforms, including the Telltale Online Store, Steam, the Xbox One games store and the PlayStation Store for PS4. It will also get a day and date release on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android.

The Walking Dead - A New Frontier

Following the recent pattern for Telltale releases A New Frontier will also get a Season Pass Disc for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which will be released in February, 2017. The disc will include the first two episodes of the season, as well as access to download the following three episodes as they become available.

The game is available to pre-order now, and there are a couple of offers that might just tempt you to do that. PlayStation 4 digital preorders receive a free copy of The Walking Dead: Season Two and The Walking Dead: Michonne, while Steam users get a 10 percent pre-order discount.

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