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The world needs another poorly put together Ubisoft open world game like a hole in the head, but the Watch_Dogs 2 Welcome to San Francisco trailer is great.

I wasn’t very complimentary about Watch_Dogs 2 when it was announced back at E3 2016.

I believe the exact words I used were that “Watch_Dogs 2 is an absurd hacker caricature, a juvenile power fantasy that has been dreamt up by a marketing team who’ve watched every episode of Mr Robot,” and referred to the protagonist as a “horse mask-wearing twat”.

I try not to mince my words.

In spite of myself, there is one thing about the game that I can’t help but be impressed by, however: its exquisite depiction of the City by the Bay, San Francisco. The Watch_Dogs 2 Welcome to San Francisco trailer certainly doesn’t do that impression any harm.

Yes, the Watch_Dogs 2 Welcome to San Francisco trailer is still tremendously douchey and meme-filled, but to a certain extent, so is San Francisco. It’s a beautiful city with a fantastic mix of cultures, but the inexorable rise of Silicon Valley and the burgeoning tech startup it has spawned has turned it into the perfect setting for a Watch_Dogs sequel.

And no, we still don’t have any idea why they set the first one in Chicago either. Nobody does.

I still hate the relentless, grasping way in which Ubisoft have been chasing internet meme culture, but you can’t argue with how good the setting looks in Watch_Dogs 2. Welcome to San Francisco indeed.

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