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Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable are free on the Epic Games Store

Watch Dogs is free at the Epic Games Store right now if you want to catch up before Legion.



Watch Dogs - Free Epic Game Store
Ubisoft / Epic / Thumbsticks

Watch Dogs is free at the Epic Games Store right now if you want to catch up before Legion.

In these trying times, Epic continues to hand out free games every week, and that’s something to celebrate. From today until Thursday, grab a middling Ubisoft open world game and a postmodern Half-Life 2 mod at no cost.

Released in 2014, Watch Dogs casts you as Aiden Pearce, a boring dude in a leather trench coat. Aiden makes up for his blandness, though, with an interesting suite of hacker powers. The formula was improved in Watch Dogs 2, but if you want to prepare for the eventual release of Watch Dogs: Legion, this is a good place to start.


In The Stanley Parable, you are Stanley. This 2013 comedy game began life as a very successful Half-Life 2 mod released in 2011. It’s one of the earliest walking sims and well worth checking out. You can also check out Tom’s review of creator Davey Wreden’s follow-up, The Beginner’s Guide.

Now that Epic has released this two pack, it’s unveiled next week’s duo. Starting next Thursday, you can pick up Figment and Tormentor X Punisher.

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