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We remain unconvinced by Watch Dogs 2 but San Francisco sure looks nice in this new gameplay demo.

Ubisoft have published 20 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming hack ’em up, Watch Dogs 2 that shows off the game’s enhanced hacking and driving mechanics, use of drones and, erm, clothes shopping.

You may recall that some residents of the Thumbsticks dungeon were not too impressed by the Watch Dogs 2‘s showing at E3. Those concerns still hold true but there’s no doubt that Ubisoft Montreal’s recreation of San Francisco is pretty damn wonderful.

The new video shows protagonist Marcus exploring a bunch of famous landmarks including the Coit Tower and Fisherman’s Wharf, as well as digging around various piers and warehouses.

It will be interesting to see how the use of San Francisco plays out. Previous attempts at using real life locations in video games haven’t always made for the best gameplay experience – the first Watch Dogs‘ fiddly Chicago and True Crimes‘ tedious streets of LA spring to mind, among many others. It’s something that Rockstar have always avoided in the Grand Theft Auto series by creating their own heightened, ‘inspired by’ locations.

Still, San Francisco is a diverse city and that alone should provide the opportunity for a wide variety of mission types.

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