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Final Fantasy XIV has a new update, The Legend Returns, available now and there’s quite a heap of new content for player to sink their teeth into.

Perhaps the biggest addition is a new collection of quests that’s been added to the main story. Continuing the stories of the central characters, these quests will further the search for the legendary land of Ivalice and explore the ancient city of Skalla.

A new alliance raid called ‘return to Ivalice’ will allow players to do just that – it follows on from the main quest in the Stormblood expansion that released in June.

Players can now buy housing in Shirogane, as well as relocate their housing there. Sadly, as there were only 720 spaces available per server, this meant that the best plots were nabbed pretty much straight away when the update went live.

The Drowned City of Skalla dungeon looks sufficiently damp and dungeony, and will allow a four player party to plunder its depths within a 90 minute time limit.

For full patch notes and details, including the tweaks and additions to things like casting and summoning, you can check the Final Fantasy XIV official site here.

Check out the trailer below to see some of the new content in action:

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