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When is Devolver Digital’s Big Fancy Press Conference 2018?

What time is Devolver Digital’s Big Fancy Press Conference 2018, and where can you watch it?



E3 2018 - Devolver Digital

What time is Devolver Digital’s Big Fancy Press Conference 2018, and where can you watch it?

It’s fair to say that Devolver Digital like to, erm, go their own way. They tread a different path to the sensible, staid, stilted press conferences of other publishers.

If you don’t believe us, then it’s probably best that you catch up on the inaugural Devolver Digital’s Big Fancy Press Conference, from E3 2017, to see exactly what we’re talking about. No, seriously; they tell us that the events of last year’s conference – and the overall Devolver Digital Press Conference Cinematic Universe (DDPCCU) – are canon, and if you want to follow this year’s, you’ll need to be abreast of last year’s insanity.


Caught up? Good. And no, we weren’t kidding. It’s nuts.

But now that you’ve got a taste for it, you’ll be wanting to know when and where you can catch this year’s abject lunacy, the Devolver Digital Big Fancy Press Conference 2018, and you’re in luck. You can watch the dumpster fire – their words, not ours – live from the Dave Lang Memorial Auditorium via Twitch.

The event kicks off at 8pm PT on Sunday, June 10th. That’s 6am GMT on Monday, June 11th, if you’re in Britain and need a good laugh while you’re getting ready for work on a Monday morning.

You can also follow the event with Team Thumbsticks, as we’ll be several beers in by then and Devolver’s shtick will probably seem pretty reasonable at that point. (We’re also covering the other conferences with less beer on board, if you’re here for the sensible E3 coverage and not Devolver’s manic pixie dream conference).



You can check out everything announced at Devolver’s Big Fancy Press Conference here. It was lousy as advertised, and we love it.

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