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When does No Man’s Sky Next come out?

It’s been a long, difficult road for No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray, and the Hello Games team.



No Man's Sky Next

It’s been a long, difficult road for No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray, and the Hello Games team.

They produced a remarkable game, but owing to an unfortunate mix of poor message management (from an inexperienced, in a press sense, development team) and expectation-based lunacy from the internet in general, people weren’t happy. And god, did they not shut up about it.

For the record we quite liked it in its original form, for all its flaws, but to their credit – and in the face of an absolute barracking from all corners – the Hello Games team have been working tirelessly to add more content and features to the game. This added all sorts of new functionality, from ground transport to base building to portals, and through the angst and rancor, No Man’s Sky was growing and shaping into something bigger and better than the sum of its parts.


Now the launch of No Man’s Sky Next is almost upon us.

If you didn’t quite catch everything in the No Man’s Sky Next trailer, it includes:

  • Proper multiplayer
  • Different player races
  • Different play styles
  • First-person and third-person modes
  • Exocraft racing
  • Large-scale space battles
  • Overhauled base building
  • Overhauled graphics
  • And a whole lot more besides

No Man’s Sky Next also signals the end of the game’s PS4 console exclusivity, and marks the game’s release onto Xbox One (and Xbox One X). The latest update will be included in the purchase for Xbox One players, and will be available as a free update for PS4 and PC owners.

No Man’s Sky Next releases on July 24th 2018. We don’t have exact details on unlock times yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as they come in.

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