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Looking for somewhere cosy to settle down and watch The Game Awards 2019? We’ve got you covered, friend.

Usually, Team Thumbsticks stays up, drinks wine, and watches the election results roll in. But this year the sense of existential dread in UK politics is so strong we’re just going to watch The Game Awards, instead.

You have many options to watch The Game Awards, which will be live-streamed globally. (Why aren’t things simulcast anymore? That was a great word.) Here are just a few:

Places you can watch The Game Awards 2019

  • Twitch
  • YouTube (in 4K)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Gaming
  • Mixer
  • Steam
  • MLG
  • Caffeine
  • PlayStation
  • IGN
  • Gamespot
  • Pluto TV
  • In VR with Oculus Venues
  • In 53 US cinemas with Cinemark cinema feed
  • A whole slew of international providers
  • And of course, right here, with us, on Thumbsticks.com

That last one is the best one. Why? Well, because we’re really cool, for one thing. But also, we’ve embedded that lovely 4K YouTube stream right here in this page:

But as an added bonus, you can’t see any of the comments if you watch it on Thumbsticks! If you were to click through to YouTube and watch the video on its native platform, you’d be exposed to the howling void of online chat. Ditto Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and every other platform.

Save your own sanity. Watch The Game Awards 2019 here on Thumbsticks.

Missed the nominees for The Game Awards 2019? We’ve got those, too. And also, accompanying event The Games Festival has a dozen free demos available to play on Steam, which is nice.