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Sony’s latest “Nintendo Direct for PlayStation” kicks off soon – here’s where you watch it. Literally right here, with us.

Sony’s not visiting E3 this year, which raises questions. Why not? Are they not releasing any first-party games this year? Have they nothing to show? Who’s taking the massive space they usually fill? What did they do with all those enormous screens from last year? Can… can we have them, if they’re not using them?

But – in addition to their PlayStation Experience fan event – Sony has started doing Nintendo Direct-alike video presentations, which it’s calling State of Play.

The next PlayStation State of Play presentation is today, as it happens. In a couple of hours. That’s 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 11pm British summertime, to be precise.

We probably won’t be writing about it tonight (we’re old; so old) but you’re welcome to watch the State of Play video presentation here with us. It’ll be nice to have some company as we fall asleep on the sofa.

Then tomorrow, when we’ve had our eight hours and a bowl of porridge and three cups of coffee you can stand a spoon upright in, we’ll probably write something about it.

Your guess is as good as ours as to what we’re going to see in it, though. Some actual gameplay for the Final Fantasy VII Remake? A release date for The Last of Us Part II? Several hours of inexplicable video of Norman Reedus walking around a field while Guillermo del Toro hides a baby from Mads Mikkelsen by swallowing it? Knack 3?

We have a feeling it’s either going to be a wild ride, or very dull indeed.

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