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Five Revolutionary Videogames: Part 2

After writing the previous article on only five revolutionary videogames, I realised just how many titles there are out there that have caused a significant stir in the gaming world. Five hardly seems enough, so it seems appropriate to bring a few more into the spotlight. Portal The hilarious and

Telltale unveils 2014 games

It seems that Telltale games are hitting the ground running for the new year. The company recently unveiled their plans to make an episodic series of games for both the Game of Thrones and Borderlands franchises. The Game of Thrones universe is a massively popular one based on the Song

Five Revolutionary Videogames

With the next generation of consoles upon us, it seems apt to take a look at some of the videogames that have significantly contributed to the development of the gaming industry over the years. Although these games are not necessarily original in their content, they each represent a shift of