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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Daniel New – Editor

Daniel is a marketing man and the founder of Thumbsticks. When he’s not working to keep the site in optimum condition you’ll often find him lurking at events, drinking tepid tea from a cardboard cup, and bringing you important industry news and views. Back at base he drinks copious amounts of hot tea from a mug, which is of course preferable, and performs his best work with video game and movie soundtracks playing in the background as heroic inspiration.

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Tom Baines – Editor

Tom is an itinerant freelance technology writer who found a home as an editor with Thumbsticks. If Daniel is the optimistic ideas man behind Thumbsticks then Tom is the perfect foil (read: buzz-kill) and spends much of his time wrangling writers (read: generally being a jerk and complaining about word counts). Tom especially loves coffee, role-playing games, and anything he can play co-operatively with his wife – they make an awesome co-op team.

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Josh Wise – Associate Editor

Josh is a freelance writer. Having written for several gaming websites, he found a cosy cupboard at Thumbsticks and now we can’t get rid of him, even when we whack the cupboard door with a broom. You’ll find him banging on about the vertices between games and film and music and poetry and books, but don’t let that put you off. He likes games. He likes writing. He also gets the biscuits in.

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James Sweeting – Contributing Editor

Despite studying Politics at Undergrad and then War Studies at Master’s level, James managed to sneak in multiple essays relating to technology and more importantly, video games. Now he’s aiming to become Thumbsticks’ second actual Doctor of Video games, and is researching nostalgia and the role of technological constructivism in video games for his Ph.D.

Owing in large part to his background in Politics (academically speaking, not as an actual politician) and War Studies, James can often be found examining games from a philosophical perspective in his column here on Thumbsticks. He’s also a massive advocate of indie gaming.

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Miguel Penabella – Contributing Editor

Miguel is a freelancer and comparative literature academic who worships at the temple of cinema but occasionally bears libations to video games. If you’re looking for critical analysis of video games, that rivals what literature, film and theatre must face – and let’s face it, as the medium matures, we should expect nothing less – then Miguel’s writing is for you.

In addition to applying literary-level critique to video games, you can often find Miguel musing over under-appreciated or overlooked releases from a fresh perspective – he does both in his regular Thumbsticks column.

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