Posts by: Tom Baines

What will you need to kill zombies? No, not a cricket bat and a Winchester rifle – what are the Dead Rising 4 system requirements?

How are you supposed to pick the most offensive of all the weird alien sex stuff cards, when they're all just weird alien sex stuff cards?

After the Xbox One timed exclusivity, a Dead Rising 4 PC version seemed inevitable – it's also coming to Steam though, not just the Windows platform.

You'll have to wait for the Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC if you bought via the Windows Store, though.

RPG Maker Fes will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS in two new continents and five new languages.

Attack while its tail is up ... it's gonna counterattack with its laser!

The Dirt Rally PSVR update also includes an innovative new co-driver mode.

A massive instrumental score for a massive open world.

Following Ubisoft's massive betas for The Division, Steep and For Honor, it's now Ghost Recon Wildlands' turn.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, The Last of Us Part II – we know which Naughty Dog game everyone is most excited about.