Posts by: Tom Baines

Those cheap Breath of the Wild pre-orders are from Amazon UK, by the way. It's still full price in the US. Sorry.

The Xbox One free Watch Dogs 2 demo will also launch in a week's time.

You're going to want this Breath of the Wild Zelda Amiibo. It's lovely.

It's a time of great change among Japan's most 'unique' videogame creators.

The amazing Japanese Gravity Rush 2 commercial contains a gravity defying cat. What's not to love?

Awesome Games Done Quick once again raises an awesome amount of money for charity.

Gears of War is a series at its core about fighting bugs, but the Gears of War 4 webbing bug is a game breaking one that even Marcus can't kill.

Get ready to take your brand new combine harvester on the road: the Farming Simulator 17 Switch version has been confirmed.

The 'Glacier White PS4 Slim' is actually now just a 'Glacier White PS4', as the smaller console has usurped its bigger, older brother.

There's arguably never been a worse time to release a Walking Dead videogame. Will The Walking Dead - A New Frontier fare better than the TV series?