We are looking for articulate, clever and irreverent writers to contribute features and opinion for Thumbsticks.

Thumbsticks is a home for articles that explore all aspects of videogame culture and industry. We are looking for careful analysis of game art, sound, story and design and anything else that will bring a fresh and unexpected view on these subjects.

Example topics might include:

- Re-appraising past releases and reconsidering them, with an emphasis on both the historical and the personal.
– Explore how a game changed an aspect of your life. How did a virtual world impact the real world?
– Examine something specific within a game and using it to explore wider issues and ideas.
– Or cover any aspect related to the various themes including favourite characters, defining moments, major themes, and legacy.

To apply, please e-mail a sample of your writing (100-250 words), along with a brief description of your background (with links to any published samples if possible). Articles should be written for a general reader in lively, accessible language.

In addition, we also are looking for people to become involved with the site over and above the odd contribution. If you are based in London and would be interested in helping to run Thumbsticks please let us know.

*For the love

Alas we cannot pay for contributions, but we’ll share all perks and invitations to industry events. We’ll also do our best to get your work seen by as many people as possible. If you want to hone your craft and be part of an encouraging and smart team, please get in touch.