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We take you through the ultimate Legend of Zelda apparel (what all the best-dressed pot smashers are wearing this season)

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take these…

10. ‘Hey! Listen!’ T-shirtZelda Hey! Listen! t-shirt

We all know Navi is an enormous pain in the ass, possibly only beaten for sheer irritation by answering your cell phone to “Hey, Cousin! Want to go bowling?” at a really inopportune moment, but you’ve got to admit: this t-shirt is pretty cute. Nobody will ever think you’re wearing it because you genuinely love Navi, either – like a Hyrule hipster, you can wear it ironically – supporting the meme that has even found its way into the GaMERCaT’s comic adventures.

Buy the ‘Hey! Listen! t-shirt on Amazon.

9. Hylian Crest LeggingsZelda Hylian Crest leggings

From a distance, these look like just any old patterned leggings. At close range, you can see they’re emblazoned all over with the Hylian Crest. They’re not exactly authentic – Link’s tights are generally a sort of off-white colour, like a dirty cricketer or a ballerina who ran out of change for the laundrette – but they’re also a lot cooler than Link’s standard-issue legwear. Maybe they’re what Princess Zelda wears under that long flowing skirt…

Buy the Hylian Crest leggings on Amazon.

8. Triforce SatchelZelda Triforce satchel

This literally looks like something young master Link would wear on his belt and keep his Rupees in; you could probably fit an Ocarina in there at a pinch, but it’s a little too small for a glass jar with life-giving fairy inside. Made from green canvas to fit the Link costume, and with a leather-effect Hylian Crest… we’re probably straying a little too far into cosplay territory now, but just look how cool it is!

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7. Officially-licensed PyjamasZelda official pyjamas

They might look like they’re for kids, but these officially licensed Legend of Zelda pyjamas are for all ages. Made from black cotton with a golden Hylian Crest emblazoned across the chest – and dozens of them on the shorts, perhaps to match your leggings – perfect for those lazy days when you just want to escape the real world, eat pizza and play Zelda.

Buy the officially-licensed Legend of Zelda pyjamas on Amazon.

6. Classic Legend of Zelda T-ShirtZelda classic t-shirt

You can’t go wrong with a classic Triforce/Hylian Crest t-shirt. There’s not really too much to say about this one, it does exactly what it says on the tin. 100% cotton – much like the pyjamas – but with a silver Hylian crest on a solid black background, this is a must-have in any Legend of Zelda fan’s wardrobe.

Buy the classic Legend of Zelda t-shirt on Amazon.

5. Triforce Belt BuckleZelda Triforce belt buckle

This belt buckle probably sits with the satchel on the less-practical end of our Legend of Zelda clothing scale, but it’s still pretty awesome. Sure, it does look really heavy! I imagine the point of the Triforce does poke you in the soft belly-flesh when you bend over forwards! But it looks lovely all the same, and if you swap it off its standard-issue black leather onto a brown leather strap, it really will look the business…

Buy the Triforce belt buckle on Amazon.

4. ‘Gate of Time’ T-ShirtZelda Gate of Time t-shirt

Styled after the Gate of Time from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, this t-shirt is available with the print in silver or blue. As per the gates in the game, the Triforce can be seen in the center of the gear surrounded by the symbols of Din, Nayru and Farore – the three Golden Goddesses of Zelda legend – and what appears to be musical notation.

Buy the ‘Gate of Time’ t-shirt on Amazon.

3. Hylian Crest HoodieZelda Hylian Crest hoodie

The daddy of Zelda apparel, the Hylian Crest hoodie is in classic Zelda colours – faded green with black and gold trim – and looks seriously smart. Fully stitched as opposed to printed, with the layered colours making it look like a black-and-green tunic over long black sleeves and the front ‘peak’ of the hood slightly pointed with a Hylian Crest detail in gold; this is definitely a cut above your standard hoodie.

Buy the Hylian Crest hoodie on Amazon.

2. ‘Heart Container’ HoodieZelda Heart Container hoodie

Sometimes the simple pleasures in life are the best. After the Triforce and the characters themselves, the heart container is one of the most memorable pieces of imagery from the Legend of Zelda series. This hoodie is unisex and available in six colours – green is the obvious choice – and thankfully the stylised 8-bit heart container is already full. You can also pick up a variety of t-shirts in the same style and they all come in children’s sizes too.

Buy the ‘Heart Container’ hoodie on Amazon.

1. ‘Link’s Boots’ SocksZelda 'Link's Boots' socks

Haven’t you always wanted a pair of long socks that look like Link’s knee-length lace-up boots? With a golden Hylian Crest on the calf and a ribbon bow at the top of the ‘laces’ these one-size-fits-all socks look seriously smart. Are we going dangerously down the cosplay road? Possibly… but you can always wear these under a standard pair of trousers and nobody will ever know you’re rocking Legend of Zelda hosiery. I’m wearing a pair in the office right now.

Buy the ‘Link’s Boots’ socks on Amazon.

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