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James Sweeting

73 posts
Despite studying Politics at Undergrad and then War Studies at Master's level, James managed to write multiple essays relating to technology and more importantly video games.
hotline miami

Hotline Miami and the portrayal of violence

Hotline Miami is one of the most violent games of recent times, and its sequel Wrong Number has managed to outdo its predecessor, so much so that it was (perhaps unsurprisingly) banned in Australia.
Death Squared - Nintendo Switch

Death Squared Review

In a crowded market of local multiplayer Nintendo Switch games, how does Death Squared shape up?
Tokyo 42 - cover

Tokyo 42 Review

Do you dream of electric cats? What do you mean, "no more Blade Runner references"? Fine. Here's our Tokyo 42 review.
Loot Rascals - Screenshot

Loot Rascals Review

Loot Rascals is a rock-hard, roguelike card game crossover, wrapped up in adorable Adventure Time style visuals.