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Josh Wise

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Josh is a freelance writer. Previously, he was the features and reviews editor at VideoGamer. He writes about games and movies.
Pools game review

Pools review

It's often said that horror is more effective when we don't actually see the monster. Which is fine, a valid statement, even – but what if the monster is the haunting spectre of verruca socks and discarded plasters?
The Invincible key art

The Invincible review

The relationship between authors and the games that spring from their work is a curious one.

Jusant review

Jusant, the latest from Don't Nod, is a climbing puzzle game – quite the departure for a developer best known for its narrative games.
Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery review

Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery review

As befits the genre, our mystery begins with our detective's peace shattered by a ringing telephone – a call from their supervisor, and a new case to investigate.

Exoprimal review

Remember when we were all disappointed that Exoprimal wasn't a sequel to Dino Crisis? Just hold that thought.