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I thought I would have gotten a life before my next Call of Duty article was due – I was wrong.

It turns out my life comprises finding ways for you to neutralise the threat of the camper and to that end, I give you “The Explosive Class”.

Many consider throwback perks like Danger Close and explosive secondary weapons like RPGs to be the exclusive domain of those who aren’t skilled enough to dominate using sniper rifles. I beg to differ. You can create a class that is geared solely towards delivering explosive fire-power so that if you come across foes who are intent on capturing and remaining in a particular area of the map, you can clear them out.

I recommend semtex, an assault rifle with the grenade launcher/noob tube attachment, RPG as a secondary weapon, stun grenades and perks that make it easier for you to blow things up – just like Michael Bay… or America. Danger Close has been removed from MW3 but you still have SitRep and Sleight of Hand.

If your opponents have captured a vantage point on the map and you’re having trouble regaining dominance, start by spamming them with stun grenades. If you get a hit-marker, then you have a general idea of where they’re holding up. Now comes the fun part – hit the area where you got the hit-marker with your remaining stun grenade, your RPGs, noob tubes and semtex in quick succession. Don’t relent – the aim is to disorientate, if not kill them.

Don’t aim to blow up the same spot, instead spread out the radius of your attacks within a general vicinity. This is particularly effective if members of the opposing team have all decided to camp out in the same room – you’ll have them running from the frying pan into the massive, unstoppable ball of fire.

Even if they’re outdoors, it doesn’t matter. Assuming you spread the radius of the explosions properly, you will at least get them to move from a position where they’re comfortable. Then they’ll be sitting ducks flailing helplessly at the mercy of your crosshairs.

Early on in pretty much all Call of Duty games, you can unlock the first five custom classes and you need to turn only one of these into an explosive class. I’m not suggesting that you play with this class as standard – that would be against the spirit of the game and make you part of the problem.

Instead, the explosive class is a weapon of great responsibility that you call upon when the dynamics of the game are being abused – use it wisely.

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