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Nathan Drake cosplay is relatively easy, in the grand spectrum of hardcore costume-wearing, so following the release of Uncharted 4 we’re expecting the occurrences of regular folk dressing up as everyone’s favourite rogue (in the lovable thief sense, not the boots of speed and 2x backstab skill kind) to skyrocket at conventions, expos, costume parties, dress-down Fridays… any excuse, really.

We can’t all be as handsome as the man himself unfortunately, and while some of the elements are pretty straightforward – we can all find a pair of jeans, a brown belt, and a dark blue/khaki/cream v-neck shirt, right? – there are a few items on the Nathan Drake cosplay list that may prove a little more challenging.

Here are some pointers to get you started with your own epic Nathan Drake cosplay:

The ‘Sir Frances Drake’ ring

Nathan Drake cosplay ringYes, Nate may have lost his precious ring in Uncharted 3 (spoilers, sorry!) but a Nathan Drake cosplay would look pretty weird without this key item around his neck. You could always wear any old silver ring on a leather strap around your neck and hope nobody asks to check the inscription, though you’d be in all sorts of trouble if you lost a really important metal band (like, say, your wedding ring); luckily you can pick up a replica Frances Drake ring from Amazon to save yourself the trouble, and it’s not tremendously expensive.

Nate’s leather cuff watch

Nathan Drake cosplay watch - cheap versionIf you want to go all-out in your Nathan Drake cosplay, or perhaps you fancy picking up a really nice hand-made genuine leather collector’s piece, you could always buy one of these astonishing reproductions from online craft fair Etsy. Honestly, it’s stunning, but it’s also over $300! A better option would be to grab something fairly approximate from Amazon; so long as it’s brown leather and chunky people won’t spot the difference, as you rarely see Nate’s watch in close-up detail in amongst all that derring do.

That blue-and-white-checked neck scarf

Nathan Drake cosplay scarfSure, it’s not exactly been a permanent fixture throughout the Uncharted series, but it would be hard to argue that Nate’s neckerchief doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think of the globe-trotting adventurer. You could always buy some material and make your own (or take a pair of scissors to one of your mother’s gingham tablecloths) but for a real feeling of authenticity, why not pick up an authentic Middle-Eastern ‘Arafat’ scarf from Amazon?

Other accessories – like a brown leather bandolier, AK47 and Victor P. Sullivan – may be rather more difficult to come by.

Had some success? Tweet us a picture of your best Nathan Drake cosplay.

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